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How to select an event management agency
How to select an event management agency

How to select an event management agency

Price? Quality? Experience? What should define your decision in selecting an event management agency?

Today, most professionals need to work closely with event managers as part of their jobs.

Whether it is for a product launch, sales conference, dealer meet or an internal conference, choosing the correct partner to execute on your behalf, is half the work done.

But here’s a word of caution. The event management industry in India, has one of the lowest barriers for entry. The investment needed to be made by a person desirous of starting their own company is this:

1) A bank account

2) A telephone line

3) An internet connection

4) A computer

That’s it. You’re on your way.

As a result, there are many companies who claim to provide event management services, who really have no clue as to what constitutes an event. Is it just providing ‘lights and sound’? Is it just constructing a stage and a backdrop?


Unfortunately, due to the abundance of self proclaimed event managers, the importance of the role of played by one diminishes.

A real event manager, would help you to plan your event, based on your actual requirement, a bank of experience, data and creativity.

Anyone can provide you with technology and constructs support at your event. However, only a good event manager would be able to advise you on what to do with these.

In my experience, the little, usually ignored elements are what differentiate ‘great’ from ‘good enough’.

So what should you keep in mind when shortlisting an agency?

  1. Credentials: A lot of event managers claim other agencies’ work as theirs. Be wary of agencies that don’t seem to fit the profile of the very events they claim to showcase.
  2. Experience: Clarify the experience of the agency and the people who will work on your account, especially with regard to the specific kind of work you require done.
  3. Price: Expensive is not always bad. There are times when it is better to pay a little extra for quality, than to be penny wise and pound foolish. Likewise, inexpensive is not always sub standard either. To be sure, ask for a detailed list of what the agency will provide you with and make an ‘apple-to-apple’ comparison between agencies.
  4. References: Make sure to ask for client references. And actually do a back check on them.
  5. Creativity: Judge an agency’s creativity, by their ability to understand your specific requirement / problem and quiz them on the solution they offer you. If they’re good, they will work out many solutions to a single problem.

Most importantly, be wary of agencies who try and win a job, by claiming that they can do the work at half the price. Trust me, they can’t.

You don’t want to be living proof of the age old adage.. ‘A fool and her / his money are soon parted’!

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