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9 Common Habits Of Great Event Managers!

Event managers are generally known to be flamboyant, energetic and creative people but outside this general notion, what are those qualities that make them stand out and chart a successful career path? Here is a list of 9 habits common between all great event managers.

  1. Constant learning: Events is one industry where innovation is constant and one has to strive to stay ahead of the game. A great event manager is not embarrassed to be a student and learn from the transformations in the industry.
  2. Nurturing professional relationships: When you run an event together you tend to transcend the role of colleagues and be more like a family. Great event managers know that it’s only a great team that can run a great event, and thus, give importance to professional relationships.
  3. Seeking feedback: After strenuously running an event, one just wants to hear accolades, but a great event manager is always all geared up for an honest feedback even if it includes criticism. A perfect event manager is not afraid of the fact that he/she may be currently imperfect.
  4. Personalizing communication: Events are all about people. No matter what level of technology is used, if the event doesn’t connect with people, then it can’t be called a success. Similarly, if an event manager can’t connect with people, he/she might not be able excel. A great event manager remembers to treat each and every client or stakeholder as the most important one.
  5. Supernatural energy and enthusiasm: This might sound more like a quality, but trust me, it doesn’t always come naturally to event managers. So they make it a habit to always stay upbeat, at the top of their game, ready to sweat it out or rack their brains.
  6. Staying level headed: Events industry can really test your patience. There is plenty of scope to get anxious ad stay stressed. But great event managers are the masters of their mind. They don’t take it easy but make it look like that.
  7. Planning for the worst: Events are not much different from a pack of dominos. One part moves and the entire pack collapses. Similarly, a well-planned event can anytime go haywire and a great event manager is intelligent enough to doubt his/her planning in a constructive way, and always keep a plan ready for the worst situation.
  8. Listening to the team: A cohesive team promises a great event and a great event manager doesn’t act as a leader of the team but as a mentor of the team wherein no one is junior enough to not get heard.
  9. Makings lists: Planning an event is like writing a novel full of to-do lists. Event planning is so complex that it can’t be a success without clearly charting out the responsibilities and constantly revising the list according to the scenario.

How many of these habits are a part of your professional life?

About Shradha Sethi

With over 3 years of experience in the events industry as a conceptualizer, Shradha Sethi knows it all about the industry- the good, the bad, the ugly & the beautiful. She is a dreamer, an innovator, a connoisseur of inspiring thoughts and a self confessed workaholic. When not working on a boisterous event, she prefers the solace of her study to work on her own novel.

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